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Richmond Beekeepers Association in North Yorkshire
Richmond and District Beekeepers' Association, North Yorkshire



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RBDKA Events & Meetings | Calendar

Download the 2019/20 Meeting Programme (pdf 71kb)

Summer weekend meetings

Summer meetings are usually held at member's apiaries on a changing basis. It is generally necessary to wear a veil at least as these events are mainly practical demonstrations with active honeybee colonies.


  • Sunday 16 June,  2.30pm  
    Ron Lightfoot, Hudswell.  "A pub and an Apiary - Hudswell Community projects. - A late Spring inspection of Bees at the Hudswell Community Pub Apiary."
    Meet on the Pub Patio at The George and Dragon Pub, Hudswell, DL11 6BL.  Please park in the Village Hall and it’s a short walk up to the pub.
  • Sunday 14 July2.30pm
    Tony Fletcher:  “Making Mead”  
    Manfield Village Hall
  • Sunday 11 August2.30pm
    Alison Metcalfe with Phil Braithwaite, “Gardening for Bees” – Millfield Close, Leeming, DL7 9SF
    Please park in the main street either near the garage or the primary school.
  • Sunday 1 September, 1.00pm to 3.00pm
    Host:  Keith Bartlem 
    Topic: "Heather Meeting"

Winter evening meetings

Winter meetings are held at 7.30pm in Richmond Golf Club, Bend Hagg, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 5EX, unless stated otherwise.Speakers are a mix of outside people and our own members, covering a wide range of topics.


  • Monday 14th October: Exhibits from 6.30pm & start 7.30pm
    “Honey Show & Social” with John Canning, (Includes buffet)
    Richmond Cricket Club
  • Monday 4 November: 7.30pm
    AGM and Monthly Meeting: “Bee Video”: Neil Wilmore, Richmond Golf Club
  • Monday 2 December: 7.30pm
    Julia Piggot (visiting speaker): “The Bees’ Needs” *Richmond Golf Club


  • Monday 6 January: 7.30pm
    Luke Hutchinson from
    *Richmond Golf Club
    “From bees to bottle, making sparkling mead”.
    Bee farmer at Haltwhistle specialising in Champagne method mead making.
  • Monday 3 February: 7.30pm
    Allie Hesketh, Assistant Environment and Land Use Adviser: NFU
    Richmond Golf Club
  • Monday 2 March: 7.30pm
    Martyn Kurr:
    Richmond Golf Club
    Exposed: The world of ‘non-native’ species. Everything you need to know about ‘alien invaders’

    Dr Martyn Kurr is a marine biologist from Newcastle University. His research interests include invasive species and the impacts that moving habitat has not only on the native flora and fauna, but also on the newcomer.
  • Monday 6 April: 7.30pm
    Adrian Wilford, Seasonal Bee Inspector, NBU: Asian Hornet
    Richmond Golf Club

Details of meetings and events can be found in the RDBKA calendar below. Click an event for more information. Note: For best results on Mobile phones you will need to rotate the phone to Landscape mode and refresh the page as required.