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Richmond Beekeepers Association in North Yorkshire
Richmond and District Beekeepers' Association, North Yorkshire



Annual Honey Show



RBDKA Events & Meetings | Calendar


We are now coming into the summer and our outdoor meetings will start in May 2022.   Covid regulations have relaxed now but we would ask that you still take care to protect others.   If you do not feel well please do not attend the meetings.  

Stay safe and well.


Summer Meetings - 2022

Sunday 19th June 2022:   2.00pm

Host & Leader:  Tom Kirkwood
Topic:   Unusual Hives:  An Opportunity to look inside Thom's hives and see what's going on.
This includes a Top-bar Hive


Sunday 10th July 2022:   2.00pm

Host & Leasder   Keith Bartlem
Topic:   Preparing the colonies for the Heather and Monitoring Varroa


Sunday 18th September 2022:   2.00pm

Host Phil Braithwaite
Topic:  Processing Heather Honey.



Winter Meetings - 2022/23


Monday 3rd October 2022:   7.00pm exhibits arrive for 7.30pm start

Richmond Cricket Club
RDBKA Annual Honey Show and Social Evening



Monday 7th November 2022:   7.30pm

Richmond (York's) Golf Club
RDBKA AGM and Meeting (Demo of Varrox Eddy)



Monday 5th December 2022: 7.30pm.

Richmond (Yorks) Golf Club
Host: TBC
Topic: Beekeeping Question Time and Mince Pies




Monday 9th January 2023:   7.30pm

Richmond (York's) Golf Club
Speaker: Ken Grant
Topic: Beekeeping in Nepal



Monday 6th February 2023:   7.30pm

Richmond (York's) Golf Club
Speaker: Luke and Suzie from Northumbria Honey Company
Topic: Honey Operations and Mead



Monday 6th March 2023:   7.30pm

Richmond (York's) Golf Club
Speaker: Gerry Collins
Topic: What do I do about this? (Problems in beekeeping and some of their solutions)



Monday 3rd April 2023:   7.30pm

Speaker: Dan Basterfield
Topic: Getting ready for the new season.


Details of meetings and events can be found in the RDBKA calendar below. Click an event for more information. Note: For best results on Mobile phones you will need to rotate the phone to Landscape mode and refresh the page as required.